We use technology to support Teaching and Learning for Lecturers and Students.

There is no better way to create virtual learning with the same experience as physical classroom than using Hostclass learning technologies and support

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We help students learn better online, live and virtually

Boost students performance outside of school​

Host courses on secured LMS and give students online in-person treat

Get customized, technical support to complete experience using Hostclass

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Boost Learning Experience

User Management

Both students and lecturers easily connect together with ability to know who is who.

Course Management

Lecturers know courses that are theirs and students know courses they enrolled for easily

Assignment and Gradebook

Lecturers can easily give assignments to students and grade them based on performance in classes.

Access lecture videos any time

Aside the live classes, students can rewatch their missed classes from their dashboard.

Instant Support

enjoy better learning and teaching experience with our instant technical support

There is no better way to create a virtual learning with same experience with physical classroom than using Hostclass learning technologies and support


Students Connect

Engage with other students using hostclass

Host your courses on hostclass

As a lecturer, you can host live courses on Hostclass Free.

  • Free HostClass iPad
  • Free Online Teaching Support
  • Free Online Assessment Support
  • Free Student Management Support

Hostclass Edustore

A learning experience is not complete without quality and durable equipment. With Hostclass Edustore, you can purchase quality learning tools.

Host your virtual workshops
on hostclass

Do you want to host a virtual workshop and you want it to be hassle free? We take care of your workshops technicality, support and give best experience to your audiences.

What our users are saying

I have been hosting my classes now on Hostclass for some months and I can say the experience is top notch. I don't have to struggle with technicalities before I host my classes.

Dr Blessing Ifeoluwa, Lecturer

On Hostclass, I have been following my lecturers online despite schools closed in my country.

Okoro James, Student