Sociology of Development 1 (HCSOC 405)

Description Class Hours: 2hrs
Instructor: Dr. Lasisi Raimi
Email: [email protected]
Course Name: Sociology of Development 1 (HCSOC 405)

Course Description
This course exposes students to the key ideas, theories, and actors that have shaped classical development discourse and practice in sociology. The course historicizes development looking at the ways in which its discursive and political economic aspects mutually reinforce power structures that determine which peoples do and do not count as developed and which perspectives on change become part of development practice. This first part of the course covers the foundations of the capitalist world-¬‐system in colonial histories and the ways such history influenced the ideas and issues shaping development in the twentieth and early twenty-¬‐first century. It further examines the sociological implications of development and its effects on society and family structure, the impact of colonial policies on post-independence internal conditions.
Weekly Schedule:
Week 1 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – Definition and multidisciplinary perspective of development

Week 2 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – Historical understanding of the emergence of development as a discipline

Week 3 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – Theories of Sociology of development

Week 4 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – Globalization and development in Africa (Nigeria)

Week 5 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – History of Development policies and administration in Nigeria

Week 6 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – Methods in development administration

Week 7 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm)) – Technological advancement and development in Africa (Nigeria)

Week 8 (Thursday, 12pm -2pm) – The implication of terrorism for Nigeria’s development
Grading Policy
The following grading scale will be used:
• 5% of your score shall be based on your virtual classroom attendance
• 10% shall be for assignment 1
• 15% shall be for assignment 2
• 70% for final examination

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