For quality teaching and services delivery, the obligation of the lecturer shall be based on the
I) Curriculum development delivery as per Hostclass Technologies’ manual & procedures:
• Course Outline
• Teaching and Learning
• Maintenance of class attendance
• Student Assessment
II) Develop assessment methods and strategies as prescribed in Hostclass Technologies
manual and procedure
III) Compliance to Hostclass Technologies common rules and regulation

  1. All materials of courses hosted under Hostclass, including both audio and video recordings
    MUST be done on the Hostclass platform
  2. Student access to the course material MUST be done by Hostclass and NOT the lecturer
  3. The lecturer must adhere to the stipulated course schedule and complete his or her courses
    from the start of his/her course on Hostclass
  4. The lecturer must follow the initial schedule of his/her class in order to meet up with (3)
    above EXCEPT in cases of emergency should her/she cancel a class
  5. The class is only for PAID and REGISTERED Students with their HOSTCLASS
  6. Lecturer may request for class video be taken down from the Hostclass platform upon
    providing cogent reason. It shall be the decision of Hostclass to take class videos down from the Hostclass platform

Lecturer MUST have at least two hundred (200) registered students monthly in all his/her
courses on the hostclass platform combined.

  1. Lecturer can withdraw his/her classes from the Hostclass platform and must notify
    hostclass one month in advance.
  2. Lecturer shall not cancel any class without the written permission from Hostclass
  3. Lecturer shall conduct assessment test to ascertain the student performance for the reward
    of the certificates.
  4. Hostclass shall provide the “HostPad” (brand new iPad pro, apple pencil, and other
    teaching tools) to the lecturer upon meeting the hostclass the requirement on item (7) and
    other Hostclass conditions on this agreement.
  5. The HostPad will be retrieved from the lecturer if he/she the number of students required
    enrolled in his Hostclass course drops below 200 or at the expiration of the lecturer’s
    contract with Hostclass which is for a term of one year or two full semesters.