I had an interesting virtual class on Saturday afternoon with my BTC students. Over 80 were present in singles and small groups. Some were even in the class using same device. They enjoyed it as much as I did.
It was made easier by Hostclass who set up the class and managed it all through, it was just like normal classroom.

While that would not replace our physical classes, it will make our jobs simpler such that after online, physical classes will just be to enhance it. They also help you to set up quizzes/tests according to your specifications. They release the quiz link directly to students and shut it down at specified time depending on your instructions

My colleagues, who deal with numbers, figures, equations etc will even find Hostclass most useful as those features are present. Infact the patent owner who is a Nigerian but a professor of Statistics in Michigan State University told me (while giving me tutorials on how to use it) that he actually developed it to help him with his lectures but with the pandemic it became quite globally useful.

I advice we key into such things to get ourselves and our students flow with trends around the globe and not just be local University champions.

It costs you nothing to register as a lecturer rather at some points you may even gain gifts like iPad.

It also costs the students nothing to register on Hostclass however payment should be 1k per student per semester for the lecturer to gain incentives like iPad aside that it’s free.However, the main idea is to get all of us flow with trends.