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Using Hostclass to engage students is without hassle. It is easy and fast


With our end-to-end encryption, lectures, handouts and manuals are secure with HostClass

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Any lecturer or student can use Hostclass with little or no technical skills


Our rates are affordable for any student and free for lecturers

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Hostclass Academy

How it Works

Lecture on HostClass

Lecturers host their live courses on HostClass for their students to access.


Students Join Class

Students join their lecturer’s live classes on notification

Free Setup

Lecturers receive FREE Hostclass iPad and technical support

Live Support

Students and lecturers get constant support during classes

How to join a class as a student

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To start taking your courses online, you will subscribe to HostClass .

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Get onboarded, maintain an online presence and start attending classes directly from your lecturer’s virtual classroom

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