Are you ready to make your next virtual workshop or training a huge one?

How we set about to deliver your virtual event

  • We take notes of your maximum anticipated Attendees to plan and hosting.
  • We create custom Registration Forms which anticipated attendees would fill.
  • We take note of the number of panellists and if there are co-hosts or more than one hosts to plan suit.
  • We send Sneak Peeks and Teasers to target audience to entice them to register.
  • We custom Email Drip Campaigns to your prospects, existing clients and lead email lists.
  • We create and send automatic Email Reminders/Notification to registered attendees.
  • We provides escape rooms or practice rooms.
  • We market your event.

Why we are unique

  • We have a plan ‘B’ in terms of technical difficulties

  • We provide tech support staff and customer service representative for your virtual event

  • We provide the virtual event evaluation and feedback. Through any or both of; Live polling, Q&A session. This enables the audience to feel entitled and give their opinion about the virtual event

  • We have pre-events, on-event and post-events production professionals

More details about our virtual events

Virtual event has become a necessary part of our lives. Now, we often have to hold one virtual event or engage in another. It is more than just interacting with your guests and audiences. And it has even proven to be more rewarding than a live event. 

A virtual event can often look regular until you engage a virtual event tech company like HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGIES. Then you will discover the world of virtual events and its many fantastic opportunities. You could also think there’s nothing to worry about until you encounter hosting or engagement technicalities, which a tech solution company like HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGIES would quickly address.

On HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGIES virtual event hosting, you can;
• Increase your brand recognition
• Advertise goods, services, and any future virtual events.
• Generate revenue by selling products during online conference
• And you can launch a product

First, you need to engage HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGY, and we go ahead to plan, organise and host your virtual event seamlessly and effortlessly.

  •  A virtual event can look and feel to attendees better than the live experience that they might have normally had at a live event:
  •  Attendees and meeting planning staff do not have to travel to a traditional site for a live meeting, thus almost completely eliminating expensive flights and ground transportation cost.
  • F&B cost is minimal or nonexistent.
  • Although hotel accommodations may be required for presenters who might travel to pre-record at a studio, the overall burden of hotel room cost on an organizer is tiny compared to a live event. Printed material cost and shipping of meeting assets to the site is eliminated.
  • Go global
  • Bespoke and Tailored to your needs

The virtual event is very much about using our platform to execute and deliver in a way that ensures your audience is fascinated.

  • We set up the background to reflect company identify and reflect your events theme,
  • You will have high quality audio and video formats streaming hitch-free
  • Pre-recorded content can also be streamed life or made available on the event
  • Your event recording can be recorded, which you can choose to send as file or transcripts to attendees and registrants.
  • You might also want to produce the recordings to be used for an entire event of its own.

The virtual event is very much about your engaging your audience, and making sure that they feel imparted at the end of the event.

  • Our platform provides audience engagement tools that enables host/audience’s succinct engagement during the live webinar like as Screen sharing, File sharing, Chat messaging tool
  • Our platform provides audience analytics/reporting about attendees, who join and who leaves and whether or not the attendees are registrants.

Amazingly, just like ushers in live event would attend to audience;

  • Our platform provides Integration with team collaboration tools
  • We create slide presentation to show important data or infographics
  • We can share handout files or any shareable with attendees.
  • High quality webcam
  • Good lightening and effects
  • Your virtual event is ensured of its privacy and security
  • You have administrative controls over your virtual event.

Choose the perfect plan

Hostclass Basic, Tier 1 (Up to 300 participants, and 20 event hours)

= N29,000

= N55,000

= N150,500

Pre-Event and Post-Event Production -non-graded; depending only on the scope of variables listed above = N250,000

Hostclass Premium, Tier 2 (Up to 300 participants, and 20 event hours)

= N55,000

= N110,000

= N200,000

Pre-Event and Post-Event Production -non-graded; depending only on the scope of variables listed above = N250,000

Hostclass Connect, Tier 3 (Up to 300 participants, and 20 event hours)

= N110,000

= N250,000

= N350,500

Pre-Event and Post-Event Production -non-graded; depending only on the scope of variables listed above = N200,000