Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll to a course?
To enroll to a course, visit, select your course and make payment. After successful payment, you will be automatically redirected to your course and receive Zoom link in your email to join your virtual class.
How can Lecturers Host Courses on Hostclass?
Lecturers host their courses through, submit their details
Issues Relating to Payment
We use Paystack Payment Gateway to process payments on Hostclass. Failed Transaction: If you are trying to make payment and the payment failed, you will have to try again because you won’t get to the class with failed transaction. Make sure you use correct card details. If your payment is successful but didn’t receive link to your class, kindly send your transaction details to [email protected]
What is Hostclass Edustore
On Hostclass EduStore, you can purchase quality education products and equipment..