There is this not-too-known Covid 19 school solution called Hostclass. Few lecturers know about it and are using it to improve the general performance of their students.

When you, as a lecturer, learn about it and use it, you will also see a huge difference in the result your students will produce each semester, and that, it is easy to have more flexibility, upgrade teaching skills, and graduate students with global standards.

Every lecturer in Nigeria knows about one on one physical kind of teaching right? We all know that the Covid 19 pandemic considerably caused Nigeria Universities to shut down except for a few private universities that resorted to online learning instead.

But, what we must understand is that Technology in Education is the Future. It’s not using WhatsApp groups for your classes that help you have more flexibility, upgrade your teaching skills, and graduate students with global standards.

The real secret is having access to an EduTech platform that offers technical support, training, and tech devices that make hybrid learning easy, and that can happen to Nigerian lecturers and students even if the government may not see technology in education as a priority to act on, as long as the students and lecturers are ready to meet society’s evolving needs and improve academic performance.

If you are a lecturer that wants to adjust to the global standard of education and help your students to improve their performance academically, we are pleased to present to you, an innovative one-stop virtual learning platform called Hostclass.

Hostclass is a response to many people’s call for a technology-driven teaching and learning platform that provides the same experience as a physical class.


Let me share a quick story with you.

A lecturer in Nigeria got a scholarship to study abroad. She left Nigeria for the Netherlands where she got the scholarship. The first training she attended was how to attend her classes online and host her courses when she wants to.

When she came back, she confessed that hybrid learning is underrated in Nigeria. The skill of teaching and learning has virtually helped many lecturers and students to advance their careers globally.

As a Lecturer, Hostclass helps you to:

  • To improve your student’s satisfaction and interaction with you.
  • Enhance course organization and increase and increase your preparedness to teach classes.
  • Increase student’s interest in your course materials and help them better manage the course demands, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and more interaction with you throughout the semester.
  • Easily give assignments to students and grade them based on performance in classes. Everything has been put in place on the platform to allow a long last experience and much, MUCH More!

And best of all, there is a session that grants access to students to rewatch their missed classes and also the previous classes from their dashboard at any time.

The platform is also built to allow students to engage with each other using the automated buttons on the hostclass page.

As a Lecturer, you can host live classes on the hostclass platform for free.

It will also interest you to know that Hostclass Management has ensured all necessary things have been put in place to enable the smooth running of classes for lecturers and allow students to have a memorable learning experience.

Some of these provisions include:

  • Free Hostclass iPad to lecturers
  • Free online teaching support
  • Free Online Assessment Support
  • Free Student Management Support


You start seeing a gradual change with the rate at which your students take your course very seriously because Hostclass is a new environment. It will be you, transforming the distractions of the students into an effective learning method because, in class, in church, at home, anywhere, the students are with their phones connected to the Internet. You will be helping your students to make the best of this technology inside and outside the classroom.


Hostclass platform is crafted to accommodate any kind of smart device like smartphones, tablets, and laptops used by the students.

Hostclass Virtual Classroom course set up and hosting are seamless and any lecturer can set it up with little or no support from the Hostclass team.

You can set up and host up to 8 courses, Teaching and Assessment Support

Your registered students can have access to your recorded live classes to watch again for more understanding.

Hostclass platform is designed to make online learning more interactive with different learning activities that can be performed in the Hostclass virtual


These include:

● Interactive questions and answer

● Online assignment submission

● Online quizzes

● Online notes taking

● Take handwritten notes, read and review lecture notes

● A display that looks and feels like chalkboard.

● Convert your handwritten notes to text.

● Take notes directly in PDFs

● Eye-friendly writing and reading

•All your notes, organized and accessible on all devices

The Hostclass team are professionals in tech and technical support. We offer standby technical support to lecturers and students as they engage themselves in their various classes on Hostclass.

Free Hostclass iPad and iPencil for Lecturers. This makes online teaching more simple for lecturers with other different applications pre-installed on the iPad for effective teaching. Etc.

All of which cost over #800,000 in Value.

But today, you are getting all of it for FREE.


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